Mark is available to provide professional development for organizations in the non-profit, corporate sector, and higher education. Every training session is uniquely crafted to fit the needs of the organization, in order to help educate and empower employees and employers to learn more about diversity and the important role diversity plays in a development of a community. Looking for a topic not listed below? Email Mark and he can develop a session that meets your needs.

Advocating for LGBT Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Time of Session: 2 hours (minimum 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Media/Supply Needs: Access to internet, computer projector, poster board, markers

Room Set Up: Chairs set up in a circle, open space for small groups to role play  

Session Description: Individuals will learn basic terminology as it relates to the LGBT community and the additional burdens victims who are LGBT face as it relates to domestic violence and sexual assault. Topics covered: the role of language, police discrimination, lack of support services, and additional stigma surrounding seeking help due to homophobia and transphobia. This will help train individuals in ways that they can better serve as advocates when a LGBT person reveals that they have been victims of sexual assault and domestic violence through a variety of role playing activities.  

Creating Safer Work Spaces

Time of Session: 2 hours

Media/Supply Needs: Access to internet, poster board and markers

Room Set Up: Chairs in a U shape; enough space for small group activities  

Session Description: A lot of spaces are not as safe as they could be for LGBT people. This session aims to discuss strategies that can be enforced by companies to make sure everyone feels safer at work. This tackles language, policies that are inclusive of same-gender loving people and transgender people, issues that may arise around disclosure, and office culture.  

Integrating Dance Education: Making Dance Accessible to Students with Disabilities

Time of Session: 2 hours

Media/Supply Needs: Music player, iPad compatible, poster board and markers

Room Set Up: Dance studio is required for this training session; must be wheelchair accessible  

Session Description: Dance educators will be taught various techniques that will allow them to create a learning environment that will allow them to integrate students with physical and developmental disabilities in a way that fosters learning for all students. Teachers will learn how to adapt traditional dance techniques in a way that allows it to be translated on various bodies and levels of technique. This will allow dance studios to expand their student population by being more inclusive in the development of their dance curriculum.

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